I hold a current Federal Firearms License and am a dealer in firearms other than destructive devices. I provide transfer services for those persons who need a firearm transfered from out of state.

I conduct these transfers BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Most of my transfers come from online auction sites such as Gun Broker.

The process is fairly straightforward. Once you have decided what firearm to purchase, you arrange to make payment to the seller. Send me the sellers e-mail address along with the specific information about the firearm and the auction. If this is not an auction, send along your name and address so the seller can ensure authenticity of my e-mail. Once the seller has my license and your payment,  he will ship the firearm to me.

Once I receive the firearm, you will come to my place of business (my home) and fill out the necessary background check paperwork (ATF 4473). Once the background check is cleared, the transfer can be completed. This last process should take no more than about 20 minutes to complete.

The process can be delayed if the FBI returns a "Delayed" status on the background check. If the status is Delayed it can take up to an additional three business days to complete.

The cost for the transfer is $30.00 per firearm.

I can be reached via text at (440) 290-9799 or email at glockmann@gmail.com for transfer inquiries.